Web Programming

PHP, LUA, Go(golang), JavaScript, AJAX and other coding: $60 per hour with the minimum service fee of $1,000

Do you need someone to develop a script for you? You're in the right place! We will develop a customized script based on your needs and requirements.

Our core business idea is the development of custom scripts and web programs. Developing a "tailor-made" script implies coming up with a perfectly customized product for a specific set of purposes, set by you. We develop PHP, LUA, Go(golang), JavaScript, and AJAX scripts for our clients. There exists a huge array of reasons why you'd want to have a specialized script, including: there are no scripts that suit your requirements; the scripts that have the right set of functions are either poorly made or clunky or otherwise detrimental to the speed of your operation.

Depending on your preference, we develop our projects either from scratch or by building up on an open-source base. In addition to that, we have a vast experience working on high-traffic projects united by a system that can handle massive amounts of data.

Naturally, high-traffic solutions operate in data-dense environments with many people involved. Our goal here is to create a system that will be able to handle large amounts of data, in addition to being failsafe and easily scalable. We create projects with perfect balancing, distributing the load evenly across various dedicated servers. With your business' newfound increase in daily traffic, it still would be easy for us to add a server to redistribute the load in an even way.

Keep in mind that we do our best to provide your customers with an unmatched experience. Every step of the way, we focus on user experience and its convenience. To put it bluntly, if a user doesn't like your website or functionality, there's literally nothing keeping him away from visiting a different website and spending his time/money there.

That's why we offer a full online service package for all of our past, present, and future clients. This customer-oriented solution includes: project assessment, outsourcing various steps to 3rd-party experts, developing projects of any difficulty for users, servers, or any other purpose; completing every requirement specified, integrating the project with different systems, follow-ups, troubleshooting, enhancement, alterations, and add-ons for the web program; CMS improvement, testing and safety assessment, script implementation, configuration, support, and update; free advice, technical support, and staff training, along with many other services.

By choosing us, you choose guaranteed superior quality and best tech support in the business. Be sure to remember that with our hourly payment option you can expand on the originally stated requirements at a very affordable price.

PHP, LUA, Go(golang), JavaScript, AJAX and other post-production support: $30 per hour

Faced with the ever-changing user requests and internet trends, it's a smart idea to modernize, rework or expand your script or web program’s features. We offer a 50% discount if the script in question was developed by us.